Education is key

Continuous learning is crucial within the architecture profession due to its transformative impact on both individual architects and the architectural industry as a whole.

As the world rapidly evolves, so do the demands and challenges faced by architects.

By actively engaging in ongoing education and professional development, architects can stay abreast of the latest advancements, trends, and best practices in their field.

Therefore, part of our mission at Manchester Society of Architects is to work with manufacturers and industry experts to curate the very latest educational content to help our community learn and improve.



CPD learning

The cornerstone of architectural professional development and recent changes to legislation have made it event more important. Part of our commitment to our members is to provide learning opportunities and to host  a diverse and interesting range of CPDs that covers a wide variety of topics.

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Lecture Series

We host a regular in-person lecture series that aims to bring the very best architects and construction professionals from across the UK to Manchester.

Our lectures are an opportunity to come and here the latest thinking from industry leaders, as well as providing a chance to meet with colleagues and peers to socialise and learn together.

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Knowledge Hub

Manchester Society of Architects, provides a dedicated knowledge hub that it filled with educational content provided by our rosta of sponsors. The learning models on the platform are updated regulary and offer architects a chance to delve deeper into a subject and understand how our sponsors are able to support them in their roles.

Knowledge Hub