What is CPD

CPD plays a pivotal role in the continuous growth and success of our all architects. It ensures that professionals stay updated with the latest industry trends, advancements, and best practices. As a society, providing CPD to our members is part of our commitment to enhance professional development and learning opportunities.

By offering access to high-quality CPD opportunities, we empower architects to enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise, ultimately elevating the standards of architectural practice and fostering innovation across the region.

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To find details of CPDs on our event calendar, simply click the link to head to our up to date calendar. There, you’ll find comprehensive information about upcoming CPDs, including dates, topics, and registration details.

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Provide a CPD

Get in touch to provide a CPD to the society. We’re always on the lookout for industry experts that can offer informative and engaging presentations, workshops, or webinars, to deliver valuable industry knowledge and fostering professional growth for our society members.

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