A reminder to all our members who are ARB registered that the new CPD requirements by ARB are now in force. From January 2024 all architects are required to participate in the ARB CPD scheme as a condition of registration. All architects are required to carry out and record their CPD activities. There is no minimum number of activities that must be carried out, the focus is on quality of development.

Mandatory topics are:

Fire and Life Safety Design
Environmental Sustainability.

A direct link to the ARB guidance document is provided here:
CPD scheme – Architects Registration Board (arb.org.uk)

Manchester Society of Architects has stepped up activity so that our members can maximise their CPD options. Our programme has been developed specifically to assist architects in meeting the ARB requirements. Our CPD programme which still includes a regular lunchtime zoom CPD is being expanded to cover more Live CPD events, ‘hands-on’ Practical CPD events. All CPD sessions will be promoted on our social media platforms, please keep a look out.

Most are free at the point of use for our members, except for covering refreshments where applicable.

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