Commercial Built Award Winner

Havelock – OMI

The winning scheme is very respectful of the light industrial Victorian context, asserting a rhythm that allows the scale to sit comfortably, adopting an elegant suite of details. The successful retention of embodied carbon by reutilising the existing concrete frame is a significant achievement, setting an exemplar for the area.

Commercial Un-Built Award Winner

Pall Mall Court – Sheppard Robson

This projects sensitively upgrades a significant Grade II listed landmark building to 21st Century standards. The architects have innovated details that incorporate modern standards of airtightness whilst respecting the original design intent, the materiality, and the articulation.

Significantly, a clever relocation of the building entrance releases and invigorates an unused area of public realm.

Private House Built Award Winner

Warwick House – Artform

This extensive remodelling of an Arts & Crafts house responds effortlessly to the existing massing and articulation. Multiple contemporary brick details are deployed to add texture and movement to the new facades along with punched windows allied with the main house. Additional playful levels are added to the rear extension cleverly mediating and engaging the level difference between the house and garden.

Private House UnBuilt Award Winner

The Walled Garden – Annabelle & Co

This wonderful proposal for a family house adopts an approach to materiality allied closely with its context, whilst adopting a lean and practical construction logic. Stone is locally sourced to establish a base datum of walls and partitions onto which a loose ensemble of domestic programme is distributed with simple timber modules.

Multi Residential Built Award Winner

Oldham Road – Tim Groom Architects

This striking building marks an adventurous start to this developing post-industrial area taking the opportunity to establish a strong architectural form and detail language. Private and public programme has been rigorously thought through. Residential streetside terraces are secluded within deep offsets behind the main façade providing privacy to areas that otherwise might feel exposed.

Multi Residential UnBuilt Award Winner

Parkland View – Ollier Smurthwaite

This project responds intelligently to the complexities of house building procurement constraints, using modular repetition, height variation and strategic material changes. The urban staggered colourful blocks along with a strict retail ground datum integrate sensitively with the local contextual conditions, both parkland and residential.
Intended to be built to Passivhaus Standards, the scheme has all the ingredients to provide a vibrant addition to the neighbourhood.

Retrofit and Reuse Award Winner

Crusader – Shedkm

The commitment to retaining the structure with apparent minimal intervention and restraint was applauded along with the developer’s commitment to an ‘owners-first’ approach to the sales of the new dwellings, mindful of the need to both establish and retain a community.
The circulation towers provide a colourful, compliment to the historic structure as well as an orientation device within the cloistered residences.

Small Project Award Winner

Cross House – Scott Donald Architecture

This project is a playful and beautifully executed design which has responded to the domestic scale of the property and its inherent detail, both internally and externally. The contemporary interpretation of the existing fenestration geometry plays a significant role in retaining its character whilst totally transforming the house programme.

Community Built Award Winner

Caernarfon Castle – Buttress

The simplicity of the interventions on balance with the huge impact made on the structure is almost implausible. Described as furniture pieces, a series of lightweight infills, additions and terraces have been ingeniously grafted onto and into the Castle structure causing minimal harm and re-engaging an essential local historic landmark with the wider community.

Community UnBuilt Award Winner

Castlefield Viaduct – BDP

This project has a genuine sense of liberation. Not only is it a historic structure released from stagnation, it is also a gift to the community. The project provides multiple programmes including social spaces, green spaces, growing beds and educational activities performed alongside each other. The level of change and influence it will promote in coming years to young and old through its democratic attitude is exhilarating.

Future Architect Award Winner

The Eden Cooperative – Muhammad Haziq Rosle

The winning submission proposes a really intelligent environmental focused solution which is incredibly well researched, both scientifically and anthropologically whilst also master planning a major piece of infrastructure.

Presidents Choice Award Winner

Caernarfon Castle – Buttress

This award goes to a project this year, which is bold yet sensitive and subtle yet clever. The projects accessibility, sensitive restoration, and community benefit are at the forefront of the design. The scale and location of this project fosters a sense of openness and connection to the town. Creating a building that inspires creativity and contemplation.

Outstanding Contribution Award Winner

George Mills

This award is not just a recognition of individual talent and hard work, but a celebration of visionary design, innovative thinking, and a profound commitment to enhancing the built environment in the city region.

George has been a pivotal inspiration of regeneration and urbanism in Manchester and Salford across four decades. As much as he is a bold designer, he is perhaps, above all, a great communicator. He started the conversations between architects, construction professionals and city councils that set us off to being the outstanding UK region of renewal we are today.